Travel with me

Hello, this is Vashek

Václav Pleska - Vashek - 6.10.1078

I was born on the fertile Haná (region in Czech Rep) at 7:00 am, 6th of October, and that was the day when we celebrate – during horrible communist times -  the day of the Czech Army, and I am Husak’s child. Gustav Husak was a president that time and all children who were born between 1977 – 1980 are called like this. Maybe it was because our parents smelled the revolution is coming (1989) and they knew we will be born to the free world. I had a wonderful dad and I still have an amazing mom. Among other things, they tolerated tons of unusable photo materials because the era of digital photography was still in front of us. So, I started to write – stories, poems, novels -  because pencil and paper were definitely cheaper for my parents.

I studied at the Gymnasium George Walker, science branch - I do not know why science, maybe because my grandmother wanted me to be a teacher. I ignored her original proposal to be a priest, and my parents did not allow me to be a man who is emptying rubbish bins. I passed exams from biology and geography, the fields I never studied more.

I could still mention the very active writing of poems and short stories, as the girls were well amazed and so the music class teacher. After grammar school, thanks to the panicking fear of green uniform and machine gun, I started to study  English language, which seems very promising (in that time, it was compulsory to go to army after school for one year). And it was first time wise as you can speak English almost everywhere in the world - and sometimes it really is needed. After the language school, I studied Higher vocational school - gastronomy (because I like to eat) and tourism (because as my grandmother Agnes said - I have been all the time everywhere and nowhere). Fortunately, the green uniform has missed me thanks to a paper which I do not know why we call blue. For me it was gold. (in some cases – health condition – you don’t need to go to army in that time. In slang, we call it – you were given blue book. I cheated, obviously)



A major breakthrough came in 2014, when I stopped hugging trees in Harrachov (place in Mountains in North Bohemia) in an effort to find a new sense of life and wrote on paper three activities that I want to do with my heart - Photo | travel | write and send this wish into space. Very soon afterwards, I received a job offer to work for the US travel agency as a guide for Europe, bought the first camera from the first pay check and started writing. And so, I'm here, I'm taking photos, writing and traveling.

Ps: And why Vashek? My original name is Vaclav, which is very hard to pronounce in English. When I was living in England I changed my name to Vash. Well, after years of thinking about the "artistic name," my former boss Rich from England says, 'Mate, why do not you name it VASH?' It helps! And also, my beloved grandmother, Agnes, always called me Vashek when I was small boy. So, VASHEK was in the born. Thanks Richie, thanks Agnes.

Your guide and mad pilgrim